May 25, 2012


Thomas Earl Stanley, fun-loving, mischievous, Tommy, went home on May 19, 2012. He is the fourth of the D.C. cousins to pass. Joseph Stanley--the oldest of us and the first to pass--was suave and polished.  Carolyn was possibly the prettiest; and then, Junior, went before him. Two Stanley brothers and a passel of sisters and cousins remain.

The photo with his obituary captured him in a moment of a full-blown laugh. Something I hope the family will remember well.  My childhood memories are of a boy with a stocking cap and glasses. As a teen, I remember him going to Vietnam and a short stint as one of D.C's finest. As an adult, my memories are less defined--running into him at funerals and the rare family gatherings which I attended.  The last time that I saw him was, indeed, at a funeral, and that was years ago. No endearing anecdotes to tell, just memories, snapshots, of places and events. Rest well, Tommy.

 Another cousin in the Brock family, Kimberly Ann Johnson, passed in April.I didn't know Kimberly but wish that I had.  May she also find peace.

 To their families and friends:

"It will be the little things that you will remember,
the quiet moments,the smiles, the laughter.
And although it may seem hard right now,
it will be the memories of these little things
that help to push away the pain
and bring the smiles back again."

Be Safe. Be Blessed.

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