May 25, 2012

Night Life

I'm putting in for a landscaping license.  There is no doubt that I am a bona fide, qualified, arteest. Three, count them, three major projects are completed. To be sure, only one project was on the books--the humongous flower bed which wraps from the front door to the back--but others quickly developed.

Creative minds will identify with the process--What if this was done here; what if I put that over there--you know how it goes.  In the process, my face has turned a permanent nut brown.

I have bankrolled three or four stores with the purchase of flowers (Lawd, Lawd, did I ever buy flowers), landscaping items, and mulch. Their bottom line for the months of March, April, and May, positively soared. Lost a few flowers in the process but they are hardly missed.  Now, if the rest will just grow to give the lush, pretty effect that I aimed for.

A water feature was an addition that I have wanted for a long time. Found two, either of which I would be happy with...not settle for as is so often the case.  That idea was quickly put to rest when I walked out to find that a huge black crack had developed in the rickety white fence. Damn! The fence was not scheduled for replacement.  Then, the crack moved and kept moving. O M G!  SNAKE!  Jeez Louise.  No water features for the Kid.

SF flew in and did a yeoman's job in completing the small patio ( aka Patio 2 ) which I decided would be lovely under the pecan tree. Built around the non-functioning water faucet and bordered with, what else, flowers, it is just big enough for a few chairs and small table or a place to grill; out of the sun. 

Keeping with the adage "Waste not; Want not," the bottom of the planter was cut out and placed over the faucet. Filled it with ginger and hibiscus plants. A very pleasant view from the kitchen window.

In the middle of the back yard is a security light.  The clothesline poles were finally removed (deemed an eyesore) but what to do about that unsightly pole? Here's the solution:

The lattice, obviously, will not cover the height of the entire pole; however, it serves as a distraction and focal point. Now before you get too critical, the back has been named "rolling hills" because there are very few level spots.  So, no, there is nothing wrong with anyone's eyesight...the fencing is uneven.

At the end of days of work, we settled down to a peaceful evening, just enjoying the fruits of our labor and the solitude which Ripley offers.  A fox trotted down the walkway and kept going.  Never gave us a second thought. Not even an half hour later, two raccoons tipped up along side of the rickety fence and disappeared through the missing slats to the other side.  They looked just like cartoon characters.  Imagine Sylvester or Tom "tipping" as they sneaked up on Tweety or Jerry.  The following evening, the fox returned.  This time, he cut across the width of the back yard and, he also, slipped through the missing slats.  Again, giving us no thought.

Obviously, the animals believe that Serendipity and its grounds are theirs.  The groundhog family (yes, she had babies) virtually ignored me as I worked on the pole enclosure and put in plants. It was their turn to feed. I am the intruder.

Ripley, contrary to public opinion, does have a night life.  The animals can have it.  Be Safe. Be Blessed.

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