June 22, 2012

Holy Moley

A new addition to the menagerie--a mole. At least that is what I think is causing these furrows in the yard. Good grief! As if I don't have enough animals around me.  All of which, with the exception of the squirrels and birds, I have only seen in the zoo.

Finally tracked down the man with the raccoon traps.  Things are bad when he doesn't want them.  Not good to eat at this time of the year; full of ticks and fleas. The meat is bad.  R e a l l y?  From my perspective, the meat is always bad. But he might consider trapping the fox...he can get money for that.  He told me to plant castor beans around the yard to get rid of the moles.  I'm game for anything.  Game...get it?

Wally has given me some time off.  If I don't want to go to work after four days off, Lord knows I won't want to go in after almost 2 weeks of idle time.  Got a list of things to do and no excuses.

Looking up sources for castor beans.  Be safe. Be Blessed.


MsKat said...

It's either a mole or a shrew-both little rodent-y critters, blind, diggers. Well, you could always get a CAT...when I lived in central VA the neighbor's cat, an indoor outdoor cat, used to catch them for sport, but oops, he would play with them too hard and accidentally kill them. As for the foxes and raccoons, none for kitty please! your own version of wild yard-kingdom going on

DCnTN said...

Learned that they like earthworms of which I have plenty. They don't like castor oil (looks like good ol' boy knew what he was talking about with the castor bean) so I'm taking out stock and loading up.