August 25, 2012

Thirty Days

Gollee, do you realize how much can happen in a day...much less 30?  More than I can safely remember so bear with me while I pick out the highlights.  Hmm...faint memories.  Which must mean that they weren't important events. But the latest construction projects were completed; some just in the nick of time. So what did I do beside having the trees trimmed?  

The most gratifying was the installation of a new fence. Yes, boys and girls, the rickety, rotten, wooden fence with the huge gaps between the boards is GONE!  Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn couldn't have helped this fence. The animal marauders have to find a new route. Bet they are extremely pissed. It was replaced by a sparkling white expanse of vinyl fencing with lattice trim at the top. If a fence can be termed "pretty," this is gorgeous!  I even have a working gate! I am just ecstatic.  

I was adamant that the workers adhere to the original fence line.  I didn't want to give up an inch of land--understandable after coming from a miniscule space in the city (it wouldn't even be a garden plot down here)  to wide open spaces. As usual, several surprises popped up during the installation. The usual array of bricks--no surprise there--but cinder blocks propping the fence up on the neighbor's side?  OMG!  How long have they been there?

The real surprise came when they took the fence down and I had a clear view of the neighbor's yard.  She's got a damned park over there! Bird baths, concrete benches; a shaded paradise. It is beautiful! The installers commented that my fence really added to the beauty of her yard.  They were right. But mine is, there!

Remember that I said that I had plans to try and cover up how badly the barn/shed/garage looked from the street after the spindly magnolia came down?  Decided that since the rear patio was so uncomfortable during the day (it gets full sun and the umbrella is no help), the addition of a pergola would be great.  "Can you do this?"  A resounding yes!!!  That man didn't know what the hell he was doing.  Drug the project out for a month.  Exceeded budget, big time. Some days he showed; some he didn't. What should have been an ordinary concrete pad turned into a damned stage. An uneven, ugly, mess.  I've named it Ripley Amphitheater II.  Perhaps I can rent it out.

More landscaping was done.  He hasn't finished, either, but at least he knows what he is doing. Serendipity is shaping up.

On another note, if Alex Haley had lived, he would have been 91.  The Museum and Interpretive Center held a program in celebration which was very nice. Ripley's powers that be (or want to be) did not attend but the public gave a good showing, including the store manager from Wally World.  That was a surprise.  The highlight of the musical program was a young violinist, from the area, who performed "Danny Boy."  Lawd, Lawd.  I could hear Jackie Wilson singing every word.  This young lady was excellent!  Times like that make you wish that you had money or resources to assist the person in pursuing their goals.  She wants to go to Julliard--anybody out there with contacts?

That's a wrap.  Be Safe. Be Blessed.

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