August 25, 2012

Step Back in Time

Well, a pale imitation of Della Reese showed up at Serendipity, last Saturday, playing hostess to about 30 people, more or less, for an old-fashioned lawn party.  The theme was "Step Back In Time." The invitation encouraged guests to dig into their trunks, chests, etc., "Get Creative," bring out the floaty dresses, big hats, yada yada, and come for an evening of fun, food, and friends.

This shindig was well-planned, boys and girls.  Missy started stocking up on things once the decision was made to have it.  Researching games, prizes, menus.  Not cooking this siree...well, maybe a dessert or two. But the major cooking is being outsourced. Contingency-planning: mini fans; hand sanitizer; electrical fans, if needed; citronella candles. Tents, white lights, lanterns, props, tables and chairs. Gifts and prizes, games, check.  So with all of that, why was I running at the drop-dead hour?

Thank God for my brother, Shoppette, and SF. Couldn't have done half of it without them. Brother and SF putting up tents, stringing lights, potting up plants. SF earned his apprentice landscaper degree from Pat Mills who helped make Amphitheater II presentable. Even with the list of things to do, don't forget, etc., we were all running at the last minute.  SF, organized soul that he is, was the only one ready when the guests arrived. Lesson learned:  folks down here show up on time.  I can't ever remember that happening for one party that I have ever given. At best, I would be wondering if people were going to show.

And things really went into overdrive after that.  Baby Brother was to take pictures of people as they arrived.  He was otherwise occupied. SF was busy entertaining people he didn't know.  Food was being shuttled to the table.  No time to set the table up with the utensils, etc.  You want to eat?  Open the packages. Embarrassing.

In the process of  transferring tea to the pretty container, my brother realized that it was hitting the floor.  The spigot was open.  I'm making sangria in the container and it is running all over the table. The spigot was open.  "We need water.  And ice."  Fill the container for the water bottles w/ice; load up the ice bucket. The hostess and her out-of-town guests worked like dogs.

I worked Shoppette until she became ill.  By the time she appeared, only a handful of folks were around to see the most unique outfit there.

Thankfully, a friend from the newspaper was in attendance with his handy-dandy camera.  Without him there would be no pictures at all. 

And I was surprised to find an article on the front page of the newspaper.  FRONT PAGE--get out!

So the folks say that they had a wonderful time.  The food was excellent thanks to Belle and her crew. The music was good thanks to my brother.  And SF gets a huge thank you for his support and excellent eye for detail.   We'll do it again next year.

In the meantime, Be Safe. Be Blessed.

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