September 08, 2012

No Joke

Noticed that a tornado touched down in NYC this morning.  And folks say that climate change is a joke.  Really?

We have endured terrific storms each evening for the past three nights.  Wednesday evening, the weather was so severe until we were herded into the back area of the store as a safety precaution.  The shoppers grumbled mightily.  Unbelievable!  Things flying around outside, as though they were in a blender, and you're pissed because your shopping has been interrupted...for your safety?  Please.  Not much damage to the home front, thankfully.  Just a downspout which needs to be reattached.

The next night, while I was out in the car on a break, the winds began to kick up again. The fascia on the top of the building began flapping.  Uh oh, lawsuit waiting to happen.  The car rocked so much until I thought that I might be safer inside the store, so I bailed.  Praying mightily all the way across the parking lot that I wouldn't be blown away.  If it could rock Abby, I wouldn't stand a chance. Happened to look back at the sky and there was a beautiful rainbow. Unreal.

On Friday night, just as I was leaving for the night, it started all over again.  Not as much wind in this location but a terrific storm, nevertheless. Lots of small branches strewn about in the yard.  The makeshift trellis for a rosebush, beside the fence, bit the dust again. But the homestead is still standing.

Climate change is not a joke, hoax, or a delusion dreamed up by someone with a political agenda.  It is real, girls and boys.  Believe it. 

Be Safe.  Be Blessed.

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