October 01, 2012

I Had His Back!

Oh, yeah!  Sistah Girl stood up tall for #44 this morning.  In the hospital waiting room of all places.  Sitting there, reading my book, ignoring the group around me, when I heard: " I sure wish Condi Rice would run for president.  She'd do this country a lot of good." WHOA! Up jumped the devil.  I didn't have time to pray for the Lord to put a  seal on my tongue. Before I even knew what had happened, this sarcastic voice said: "She didn't do you much good on 9/11, did she?"

OMG! Did I just bust into their conversation and take them to task? Two sets of eyes looked my way. "What do you mean?"  And I was off to the races. The woman hadn't heard about Rice's appearance before Congress stating that she didn't believe the reports that she had received were credible. "I didn't know that." "Got a computer?  Look it up. Google her appearance before the committee."  The man has shut up but finally said "That's the problem with the government.  We never think people are going to attack us until they do.  Look at WWII.  They knew about the Japanese long before Pearl Harbor happened."

So now we're discussing healthcare.  They didn't know that mammograms are now free.  The daughter isn't insured and their company won't put her on the policy.  Why not?  "You need to have a serious talk with them." And we talked about the cost of these tests--Over $12K!!!  If I didn't have health insurance, where would I get the money?  Even with my health plan picking up 80% of the costs, I'm still on the hook for $  No wonder people go without or have to file for bankruptcy.

Now, we're talking about that do-nothing Congress. How they only worked three out of four weeks and haven't passed one bill to help the American people.  Talked about Fincher coming home every weekend on the taxpayer's dime. How he blithely said that each Congressman receives a budget to spend and travel is an item covered.  Does he realize where that budget comes from?  My tax dollars.

Girlfriend was on a roll.  I know they were so glad to see the back of me. So, why did I jump into their conversation?  I can say, in my Flip Wilson voice, "the devil made me do it." But truthfully, I am damned sick and tired of hearing the President being continually slammed. Particularly when the person doesn't have the facts.

As Samuel Jackson said "It's time to wake the f**k up!"

Stand up on November 6th and V O T E!

Be Safe.  Be Blessed.

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