October 07, 2012

Time Warner Cable Is a Bust!

Oh, Glory! The Redskins are playing and I get to see the game!  Have gone through my Sunday morning routine: UP with Chris Hayes; MHP with Melissa Harris Perry; and the first segment of Alex Witt's program. Enough politics. Let's get to the game!

Turn to Channel 13, the Fox channel, and what's this? Something new? It appears that the game is on but I'm hearing a narrative from some southern novel? Off to the computer. Need to check the schedule. Called my brother. "What is going on?" Of course, he doesn't have that problem; his market is carrying the Steelers and the Eagles. Post the question on FB. Then I get a call from BFF. The same issue but she's located the problem; the feed from another channel is overriding the one for the game. Oh, no!

She's calling Time Warner, our provider, and I'm going for the chat routine. We are now 28 minutes into the game and I'm still listening to the audio for "Bagger Vance." It was a good movie but really...the Redskins and the Atlanta Falcons are playing. Go through the chat process. No complaints. REALLY? And no idea when it can be fixed. But the analyst will be happy to submit a ticket. You do that and I'll submit a complaint.

We are now 44 minutes into the game and I'm still listening to "Bagger Vance." Back to the chat room. Here is the transcript:
Analyst Roger L. has entered room
Douglas P.:  Please wait, while the problem is escalated to another analyst
 Roger L.:   Hello, I am Roger with Time Warner Cable Signature Home.How may I help you?
Analyst Douglas P. has left room
 Gwendolyn: The audio from Channel 12 is still overriding the game on Channel 13. When will this be fixed?
 Roger L.: I am sorry you are having this issue and I will be glad to look into this issue. Please give me a moment to pull up your account information.
Roger L.: Typically it would be a signal issue for this, it may be in our best interest for a tech to come out to your home and investigate the problem.
 Roger L.: Would it be okay to schedule trouble call.
 Gwendolyn: Are you going to have a tech go to each home with this problem? It is not just me having the issue. I want to HEAR the game not wait for a trouble call. This is totally ridiculous and something that I am positive can be fixed from the office.
Roger L.: I am not seeing an area problem, that is why I mention to have a tech come out to the home. From personal experience typically audio issues stem from signal degradation of cable lines. Roger L.: That is the only reason I mention this. I do not see an area problem being posted for this issue.
Gwendolyn: If this is indicative of the service one can expect from Time Warner on game day, it would be more expedient for the customers to pay the NFL to watch it on their computer. I can assure you that the amount of time that I have spent on this could have easily been spent on Check the area for Barbee Street, in Ripley, as they are experiencing the same issue. And, just possibly, people are waiting for the company to get their act in order.
 Roger L.: I am sorry you are having this issue. But like I stated, nothing has been posted for an area problem with the audio. And if you have been having a problem with this for a while we would be happy to send out a technician to investigate the issue and address the issue.
 Roger L.: Would it be okay to schedule a trouble call for this, the first day I have available is Tuesday from 3-5pm would that be okay to schedule.
Gwendolyn: Roger, read my lips, the game is on today...not Tuesday. Why would I want a technician to come out AFTER the game? By Tuesday, I am sure that the problem will be fixed. This entire conversation has become pointless.
 Gwendolyn: Can I dare hope that someone reads these transcripts?

Girlfriend is seriously pissed!  For the amount of time spent in trying to get someone to acknowledge and correct the problem, I could have paid the price of watching the game on the computer.  I am beginning to believe that there is a conspiracy against me seeing and HEARING my 'Skins!

Be Safe. Be Blessed.  Go REDSKINS!

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