November 11, 2012


OMG!  #44 did it again! Whupped up on the Republicans, AGAIN. Yes, he did! 365 Electoral College votes to McCain's 173, in 2008.  2012?  332 Electoral College votes to Romney's 206.  My, my, those boys from Chicago sure know how to win big.  Not to mention, know how to run a campaign.

It was an unbelievable campaign from the beginning to the end.  From the tedious, inane, Republican primaries with all of the loonies on parade to a climactic conclusion on Election night, November 6, 2012.  You can't even remember the names of all the people participating in the Republican primaries but I bet you can remember the flubs. "9-9-9." "Oops." "Self-deportation."  "What a snob!" "The worst candidate to go against Obama!" "Corporations are people, too, my friend."  Lawd, Lawd. The very best candidate was John Huntsman.  However, he had committed the unpardonable sin of working in the Obama Administration.  Woe to any Republican who dares to work for the good of the country. Look at Charlie Crist, in FL.  Gave Obama a hug and got booted from the GOP.

So the Republicans' choice came down to its white knight, Willard "Mitt" Romney, who proclaimed that, yes, his name was "Mitt."  His win was assured. After all, the activist Supreme Court had given their blessing for unlimited amounts of money to be contributed to PACs.  Yep, Mitt, corporations are people, too. These PACs didn't even have to disclose the names of the donors.  Multi-millionaires, members of the 1%, Mitt's buddies, gave in droves. The Koch Brothers, Karl Rove's groups, Sheldon Adelson, and more.

Even our state representatives tried to put in the fix.  Voter suppression through the implementation of voter id laws ("Done. It will ensure that Mitt Romney will become the next president of the United States.") to eradicate voter fraud. Republican workers were caught disposing of voter registration forms or altering them. Voter fraud? By whom? Early voting days were cut and hours shortened. Tagg Romney bought voting machines in Ohio.  Voting machines malfunctioned; not enough ballots delivered to polling places.  What a mess.

Does anybody remember the best part of the Republican convention?  Yep, Clint Eastwood talking to an empty chair. The Democrat's convention?  Many highlights but, hands down, it must go to the "Explainer of Stuff"... Bill Clinton's concise laying out of #44's achievements.

And the fight was on. Romney's bad singing and compulsive lying. His choice of Paul Ryan as running mate.  The ridiculous photo-ops of Ryan washing clean dishes and Romney loading trucks with "donated" goods...bought from Walmart. The debates.  Obama's passiveness during the first debate, allowing Romney the image of "bringing it." The debate between Biden and Ryan where the old bull showed the young bull how it was done. The second and third debates where Obama stood his ground (at last) and refused to allow Romney center stage.  Who will ever forget: "Proceed, governor," as Romney stepped off of a cliff, or "They don't use as many bayonets or horses, either."

The comment concerning the 47% was bad enough but then Mitt came out with the lie that Chrysler was shipping jobs to China. And stuck to it, even when he was corrected by the auto industry.  Double-downed, as they say. This man told so many lies until it was hard to understand why people continued to support him.  (Yeah, I know why but that is another post.)

Hurricane Sandy struck and devastated several states, including NY, DE, NJ.  Mitt's main man, Gov. Chris Christie, NJ, accepted the helping hand extended by #44. OMG! What did he do that for?  People dying, homeless, etc., and Christie is accepting help from FEMA? That immoral institution slated for the chopping block under a Romney administration?  Traitor!

And on November 6th, I paced the floor. The FaceBook family was on fire. The reports were dire, in my opinion.  Lines were too long; voting machines were failing; Romney's name showed up even though the voter had punched Obama's. The votes started rolling in, Romney, Romney, Romney.  Sistah Girl was nervous.  Ohio came through and punched Obama's ticket.  And no results from Florida. The joists in the house held. Hallelujah!

Now the wait for the concession speech.  What?  He didn't prepare one?  And the camera rolled from complete disbelief in the Romney camp to jubilation in the Obama camp. And we waited. Finally, Mr. Romney made his way to the podium in a silent room and delivered the speechwriter's gracious speech. In Chicago, the Obama people, with their "divisive campaign of hate" partied like it was 1999. 

This is what we should have learned from this campaign, one in which President Obama broke or set historical records: The White House is not for sale

I could not resist adding this meme.  Forgive me.

  Be Safe. Be Blessed!

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