November 18, 2012

30 NOT 44

Honestly!  It is a beautiful Sunday morning, here in western Tennessee, but the devil is always "starting somethin.'"  What on earth am I talking about, you ask?  Glad that you asked the question. 

 Up at the crack of dawn to return SF to the airport for the return flight.  Wonderful week, a "staycation" at Serendipity, topped off by DST's casino night. No work. No mulching, trimming, fixing, overseeing.  Enjoyable.

Pleasant ride down to Memphis. Weather's good; very few people on the road; we're able to see things along the way that we've missed before.  Made it in plenty of time.  Back up the road with very light traffic.  It is Sunday morning, after all.  People are getting ready for worship.

Roll through Henning.  The Black mortician, Frank Currie, has relocated his business to a former church on the highway.  A far cry from the corner location, store-front establishment, on Henning's Main Street.  While I was in B'ville, ordering flowers for the families of several co-workers, I would constantly ask, "Just where is this place?"  "Oh, Miss Gwen, you can't miss it."  Well, I did. Continuously.  If you didn't know that it was there...well. Congratulations to him.

Entering into Ripley.  People are starting to stir.  Sunday School is being held.  Down Washington Street; pass the high school athletic field on my right and a RPD cruiser on my left.  He's making a U-turn. Blue lights flashing.  What did I do?

Wait patiently for him to exit the cruiser. Do I know him?  Please don't let this be the one I crossed words with about whether a street was one way.  (Signs went up closing that road to two-way traffic the following week.) Nope, not him. Thank you.

"It's 30; not 44."  

Alrighty, then.  Ripley's finest is hard at work.  A store owner was killed earlier during the week. The person or persons who murdered my hairdresser's father-in-law are still at large.  Robberies are rampant. But on a Sunday morning, those sworn to serve and protect are delivering warnings to the only person on the road.  I appreciate the dedication and the warning.  Thank you for not issuing a ticket. 

God's in His Heaven and all's right with the world.  Have a glorious day.

Be Safe.  Be Blessed

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