November 18, 2012

Delta Nights

The Jackson, TN, Alumnae Chapter, of DST, did it again.  Yep, threw another "Night Life at the Delta Center." A night of dining, dancing, and gambling...for a good cause, of course.

A mini-caravan traveled, from the Big Rip, to the Lane College campus, in Jackson, TN, last Friday evening. Cocktail attire was requested and the ladies and gents were fashionably turned out. Sistah Girl played fashion cop and checked out a few things she'd like to add to the wardrobe. It's such fun to dress in something other than the Wally uniform. Spangles and glitter.  Love it.

Good food and excellent music, courtesy of Dwight Johnson, husband to Andrea Bond Johnson, who presides over the chapter. Finally got to try the Wobble outside the confines of my house.  Just call me "Wrong Way." Practicing with YouTube and working the dance floor are not the same.  Lawd, Lawd.  I got too hot and the thigh muscles were screaming.  Can you say 1) too old and 2) out of practice, in the same breath?

Game tables were set up around the perimeter of the room: poker; black jack; and roulette.  I do not play cards for money...not even fake my complimentary ante went straight to the roulette table.  I still don't know how to play the game but I had fun slapping my chips on the felt.  Casinos have nothing to fear from me, other than wasting their time.  A few more practice rounds and I might get the hang of the the Wobble.  Lol!

An impromptu step line snaked around the room, picking up sorority sisters as they went.  The lead stepper was fierce. Word to the wise: Do NOT Mess Up!  Thoroughly enjoyed that. I just might be asked to turn in my pink and green card if I keep hanging with the ladies in red and white. The presence of another soror gives me hope that I can keep it.

The affair was just the right ending to a two-week birthday celebration. It started with the historic reelection of our President and ended with fun and friends.

Be Safe. Be Blessed.

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