January 27, 2013

Memphis to Knoxville

10:30 a.m., and three hours to Nashville. I dove into my goodie bag.  The coffee and pastry at 7 a.m., were long gone.  Also using more minutes on my phone to contact Time Warner Cable to get the app installed on the phone.  OMG, at this rate, I'll have to buy more minutes as I get shuffled from one rep to another, listen to the recorded music and announcements, and more. Calling loved ones used more minutes as I was diverted to their voice mail. Really!

I'm using minutes and battery life on the tablet.  Get a grip!  Kaye produces cables and chargers (the bus is wired for that purpose--you go Megabus) from her bag.  Never leave home without them.  Lesson learned.

Pulled into Dicksen, outside of Nashville, for a break.  More minutes on the phone. "You'll have to go to myservices on the internet to retrieve your password." Okay. Back on the bus, pull up the password. Back to the app.  "This service is only available at your home."  Excuse me?  It is a mobile app. Mobile means "on the go" right?  Why would I need a mobile app for my home? There's a tv in almost every room and more computers than one person needs.  Won't be watching the game courtesy of Time Warner Cable.

Why are we pulling into this god-forsaken spot?  It's a commercial strip of junkyards, empty lots, etc., but people are lined up.  This is the pickup spot for Nashville?  You're kidding me.  The bus empties and more folks get on.  Commandeer an empty seat. There's room for everybody to have their own space.  Slightly behind us is a woman who is calling the world announcing that she is on her way; she missed the military flight and is on Megabus.  She will not stand in the cold to watch the proceedings; she is attending a reception at the Rayburn Building where they will watch the events on a big, flat screen. "Where is Andrews AFB?  That's where Air Force One is stationed. Where is Bolling AFB?  Never mind, I'll google it."  Excuse me, sistah girl, according to you, you do this every inauguration.  By now, and you are ex-military, you should know where these places are.  By the way, shut the hell up.

It's 7:15 p.m., and we're pulling into Knoxville.  The first game is over and THE game is on.  The tablet has proven to be a bust.  Can't get anything on it but gmail. We are told that the station has a cafe where we can sit and regroup while we wait three hours for the bus to D.C.  We were not told, however, that the station closed at 6:00 p.m., on Sundays.  What?  We're in a strange city with three hours to kill.  OMG.

Thank goodness for youngsters with smart phones.  Two young ladies had already called for a shuttle to take them somewhere within distance of the station that had food and drink.  When the shuttle arrived, we jumped right in with them, and Talk-a-Teena followed.  The driver not only drove a short bus, he was a passenger as well. Counted his fare and returned the tips as "being too much." Okay.  Dropped us off a few blocks away from the station on a block with theaters, restaurants, bars, etc.  The bar/restaurant we settled on had great food and they were showing the game.

Temika Moore and her friend, Sherry, were on their way back to D.C., from attending the Stellar Awards, in Nashville. Great young ladies to talk with. Temika is an up and coming vocalist.  Sounds good.  Visit her website and take a listen. 
Sherry, Jackie, Kay, Me, Temika

While the conversation was good, watching the game was better, so I eased my way over to the tv.  Not being rude; Talk-a-Teena was a lot to take and I really wanted to see Tom Brady lose. The game ended just as the shuttle arrived to take us back to the station.  I was a happy camper. Until the bus loaded up and I had to share my space with a young lady who smelled like chicken grease, took up 1/3 of my seat, and whose clothes and hair needed a little attention.  Sheesh, why me?  Of all the seats on the damned bus.

Headed to D.C.  Be Safe. Be Blessed.

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