January 27, 2013

On My Way

My mother always said, "One monkey don't stop no show." How true!  After deciding to take the Megabus, I made my reservation (with reservations--visions of riding Trailways and Greyhound in the early 70's appeared).  Never heard of the Megabus?  Neither had I until a few months ago.  It seems that this is the going thing for traveling cheaply between major cities.

Megabus advertises its services as "the first, low-cost, express bus service to offer city-to-city travel for as low as $1 via the Internet." My round-trip ticket cost $120.00.  Whoo Hoo. I'm on my way, along with Kaye Jordon, another transplant to Ripley.

We packed.  Couldn't forget's a long ride. A book, some music, toiletries, and a change of clothes, of course.  Don't forget the camera. Kaye's originally from Chicago and I know how cold the weather can be in D.C., so dressing warmly was a no-brainer.  We picked up the hand and foot warmers that the hunters use; I drug out the "ugly but warm" coat--dyed and outfitted with new buttons; and laid in a supply of thermals.

But wait! The football games will be on while I'm traveling and I must see the Ravens against the Patriots. Dang! The brand new lap top only has three hours of battery life. Plus, there is no place to store it.  We're leaving the bags at Union Station, in D.C., but I'm not leaving the lap top. What to do?  I know...a tablet will work!  Mo' money.  Found a tablet with seven (count them--seven) hours of battery life.  Cool!  With each game lasting about three hours, this will work. The bus offers wi-fi. It will fit in the coat of my pocket. DONE!

Here's the plan. Kaye's son lives in Memphis.  She'll drive to his house and he'll drop us off at the station.  Sunday morning dawns brightly and I'm not ready.  Anything new? But when she called, I was out of the house like a shot.  We were not going to be late because of me. Two bags; two coats; two hats; two pair of gloves; two of everything.  We're off...with time to spare.

Kaye decides that she has too much stuff,  so a few things will be dumped at her son's.  While she pares things down, Mark, takes a look at the tablet and decides that it will do the job.  Looky here, Time Warner Cable has an app for mobile devices. Alrighty, then!  I'll be able to watch the games. Back on the road, headed to downtown Memphis and the station where we'll board the bus.

Oh, my! Big double-deckers await us.  The lines are long and the riders are a mixed bag.  Black, white, college students, a toddler in a stroller, old folks and...a dog?  Get out of here!  She is here to see someone off, surely.  N O T.  "It's a service dog."  Sure you're right!

Up to the top...where else?  Settled in.  The bus is clean; the folks are orderly.  Next stop:  Nashville.

Be Safe. Be Blessed.

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