January 27, 2013

One In A Million

The estimated attendance for the crowd gathered in Washington, D.C., to observe and celebrate the second inauguration of #44, aka President Barack H. Obama, is a million people.  And I am thrilled to say that I was one of them.  Yep, Sistah Girl made it back home for that joyous, historic, occasion. With drama, of course.

Going up for the inauguration was the farthest thing from my mind. After all, my immediate family is not in the area and I didn't need to "sight-see."   And then

Hold on, wait a minute!  I would never have the opportunity to see another Black man sworn in as president in my lifetime. Why not?  And the wheels began to turn.

Driving to D.C., was out of the question.  Too long of a drive to make for one day.  Flying became an option.  Maybe I could get one of the cheap tickets, fly up and back on the same day.  N O T.  Tickets were exorbitant for a one-day trip. Nor was I interested in the bus trips going up with the cheapest ticket putting four people in a room.  Bunking with three strangers?  I'm a senior citizen; not a college coed. Then it hit me...put together a bus trip for the folks in the Big Rip.  Simple, right? 

I set out to convince my friend, Beverly, that we could do this.  Get one of the small, executive, buses with tv, etc.  We could leave on Sunday, arrive on Monday, and leave that night.  After all, most of us have jobs or obligations so this would work out just fine.

Floated a trial balloon. "Yes! I want to go," were the responses from almost everyone we approached. Did  the research, mapped the trip, included a detour to the MLK Memorial, picked restaurants for breakfast and dinner stops, ran ads, posted flyers, checked out the bus. The closer we got to the deadline for the cash, the less enthusiasm for the trip.  Folks gave money and asked for it back the next day.  The excuses were laughable: "You'll have to wear depends because you won't be able to get to a bathroom." "This barely gives you time to get off the bus."  Alrighty, then!  I knew that I wasn't going to allow the folks to steal my dream.  Trip canceled.  Girlfriend was going alone...on the Megabus. 

Be Safe. Be Blessed.

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