April 28, 2013

The 411

Or, if you prefer, the 1st quarter report.  That's right.  Catching you up on what happened in the first three months.  Will it be long, Missy?  Probably.

In January, I traveled back to my home town for the Inauguration.  First time home since my son's wedding. Wow.  I've already posted about the trip up and the events of the day.  Still haven't told you about the trip home but it's coming.

I was appointed to fill a vacancy on the board of Ripley's Downtown Development Corporation (DEVCO).  The vacancy was created by the expired term of Donna Sanders who, graciously, recommended me to the mayor for consideration.  FIVE YEARS?  Really?  I've already had second thoughts after three months. Surprisingly (said in my most sarcastic voice), all the committee members have disappeared.  Read into that what you will.

And, in January, while the stove was being installed--yep, finally, a new stove--I noticed that the mantle in the kitchen was coming away from the wall.  Say WHAT?  No one knew what would cause it to separate or, more importantly, how to fix it without removing the whole apparatus.  It was undoubtedly a working fireplace at some point but now houses the heater for the kitchen.

Finally found someone who thought they knew the problem and the solution.  And, as with everything else in Serendipity, a "simple" problem turned into a complex one.   It soon became apparent that the mantle would have to be removed from the wall to make the needed repairs to the joist which had started sinking. Lawd, Lawd.  This is what happened when they removed the mantle:

Yeah. You're looking at dirt, debris, bricks, and who knows what else. Just flowed right out in the kitchen.  I'd collapse under all that weight, as well.  Unbelievable. 

The stove, you ask?  Not the sleek slide-in that I'd envisioned but a super duper freestanding one with all the features I wanted and more.  A temperature probe?  Get out!  Self-cleaning?  A must. Convection oven?  How do you work it? A griddle?  Oh, my!  Seriously, it has more features than I had with the ultra expensive stove in D.C., with the exception of the indoor grill but then, can you say "George Foreman"? 

So, the next order of business was to figure out a storage/display system for the many teapots I have been gifted with.  It has been said that I spend entirely too much time on the computer.  Be that as it may.  It certainly provides a bunch of ideas.  One photo showed a wonderful storage idea for shoes.Isn't that neat?
 So, it became adapted to this:

I am extremely happy with the finished project.  Looks as though it's been there all the time, right?  Won't give too many kudos to Larry Hall and Kevin Henderson because you know my record with contractors.  Even replaced the quarter round that I inadvertently painted white.  Putting paid to the kitchen.   DONE!

We've had some mighty funny weather down here, as everywhere.  Looked out the window after a particularly nasty, windy storm, in February, and found shingles blown onto my neighbor's property.  Well they couldn't be hers because she just had her roof redone. During that storm, I had to cover everything in the computer/library/den because water was pouring in and we won't mention the front bathroom ( a continuing problem).  Naturally, my contacts with her roofer came to naught.  You either want the job or you don't.

Well, boys and girls, I figured that after paying my homeowner's insurance promptly for the last few years that it was time to make a claim. What a zoo. March 1, the claims adjustor made his visit.  Then I started making weekly calls to the agent to find out the process and progress.  No he did-ent get nasty because I sent an email to his "personal" account.  Received a detailed response from the agency in early April pointing out the deficiencies and what they were willing to pay for.  That's okay.  I never asked for a whole roof (but it would have been nice); I merely pointed out the problem areas.

The highly-recommended roofer, who had come out promptly to assess the damage once I made the claim, suddenly couldn't make his appointments.  Hurry up and wait...for a no show, repeatedly.  Finally got someone to give an estimate and just why is the insurance company running me down about paperwork?  It's been returned.  Where is the check?

After about six weeks of working one day a week, March saw an increase in hours at Wally World.  Just in time for me to indulge in buying flowers for the yard.  Another obsession, I admit.  The idea of overwintering several plants inside didn't go as planned.  Bummer. Not enough light. Between monsoon downpours, yesterday, I managed to drag three of the four that survived outside.  Naturally, we've had a few nights with frost so...they are on their own.

The Lauderdale County Democratic Party held an organization meeting early this month (April), under the organizing talents of Donna Sanders and the hand of Gladys Crain (more on that grande dame later). While I took off for this event, that will not happen often.  Events can't be arranged to fit my schedule.  Pity.

Attended the open board meeting of the Friends of the Lauderdale County Library.  Interesting.  It was thrown out that I had been asked to join the Board.  Really?  Well.  I'm open to that.  Surprise.  Met a young lady who wants to get rid of some of her irises and day lilies. I'm open to that, as well.

And finally, wait for it, after weeks of swirling rumors and denial that the fire chief had been slapped with sexual harassment charges, this week's papers put everything to rest:

Felix, Felix, Felix.   Damn!

Be Safe. Be Blessed. 

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