May 01, 2013

Road Trip

Took a ride to Trenton. As in Tennessee.  Didn't know that one existed? Neither did I until I moved here.  It's about an hour's drive from the Big Rip.  So what is the big deal and why Trenton, you ask?  Because...Trenton has the distinction of having the world's largest teapot collection--porcelain veilleuses-theieres--to be exact.  Dr. Frederick Freed collected porcelain veilleuses-theieres and donated them to the city with the stipulation that they be displayed in their entirety and available to the public, free of charge. Bypassed offers from the Met and gave them to his hometown.

You know that I love teapots, especially the figurative ones, and I happened to see a notice about the annual Teapot Festival and decided to go. Why not?  Trenton is not too far away.  My collection is growing, thanks to contributions by my friend, Terry.  When I mentioned to him that I intended to go, we decided to take a road trip. I expected a two-hour drive but we were there in about an hour.  That's what happens when you know the shortcuts and back roads.

So, Missy, just what is a porcelain veilleuses-theieres? A complete explanation and description appears here:

Let me tell you boys and girls.  Dr. Freed's collection is breath-taking. It is housed in mirrored display cases on either side of the room, in the municipal offices. You could spend hours upon hours looking at the various teapots.  Unfortunately, there is no catalog so you don't know the story behind the pot--where he obtained it and so forth.  

Did I mention that the festival runs for a week and has all sorts of events from a teapot lighting to kick things off to a pet parade? The day that we went was the day of the Flower Show.  Four categories where residents showed their skills in floral arrangements.  The miniature category (no entry over 8 inches) was adorable but the designs using a teapot as the container (a requirement for that category) were excellent.

So, Sistah Girl took out her trusty camera and realized that she would be featured in every photo because of the mirrored cases.  Oh, well.  Here are just a few to get you going.

Aren't they gorgeous? Imagine 500+ in one room.  Oh. My.  Seeing is believing so put the Trenton Teapot Festival on your list of things to see when you come to western Tennessee.

Several homes sported address signs in the shape of a teapot.  Don't be surprised if one finds its way to Serendipity.

Be Safe. Be Blessed.

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