April 27, 2014

Born To Serve

This is what my life has come to:  servant.  Open the door.  Close the door.  Fix the meal.  Provide the water. Clean up the mess. SERVE.  I have officially been given the rules to follow:

In my servant role, I am acquainted with all of the above rules, particularly numbers 2, 3, 6, 8, and 9.  Number 7 is totally out of the question--it is not in my job description and it is not an option for any pet.

In the seven months since Patches was gifted to me...yes, I finally learned the identity of the friendly status as an independent senior citizen has dramatically changed. Gone are the long hours of lounging peacefully, engrossed in a book. Now, I'm relegated to Tosser-in-Chief.  How many times can you want the ball thrown, for Pete's sake?  Why, until he becomes tired, of course!

I bemoan the inability to peacefully stay on my computer.  I must keep an eye and ear open for sounds of paper rattling or some such. No sounds are even worse. I should be clear that Mr. P is not normally a destructive dog but...he does have an uncanny knack of spying the smallest piece of paper on the floor, a lost hairpin, an errant nail.  Anything to keep you running. Or to pay him some attention.

I have toys strewn from the kitchen to the bedroom. My #1 son didn't get away with that.  Put them in his cage, you say?  Of course.  They, along with the bedding (which acts as a toy, as well), mysteriously reappear.

Thankfully, he is not a yapper. The puppy bark has reached lower registers of the vocal range.  And he's progressing in other areas, as well.  Contrary to the advice received, I did not have to teach him to raise his leg.  Learned that on his own, thank you.  He can also leap into the swing, usually on the first try.  He's also learned to jump on the bed but you and I know (and he does, too), that being on the bed is a complete NO-NO.  He also knows what "ball" means and may bring it to you, depending on his frame of mind.

We argue.  He's developed the equivalent of stomping his foot.  Particularly when I am not obeying his command.  How's that for a fine state of affairs? 

"Good night" and "cage" are readily understood.  "Good night" receives doleful looks but "cage" means business, no fooling around there.  Think of it as a "time out."  Sometimes the look is all that's needed to send him there.  The sound of the shower and clothes being changed will lead him there, on his own, as well.  Smart dog.

We're getting ready to test the bounds of our relationship as he goes off for neutering, "little" dog coming through,  and a few days of boarding.  Hopefully, I will not forget the rules and what makes an ideal servant.

Be safe. Be Blessed.

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MsKat said...

Awww...sounds like a sweet furry someone has wrapped his little paws around your heart.