December 29, 2014

Disappointment Personified

"Keep hope alive."  That should be the new motto for the Redskins' fans because this season was a humongous bust.

4 and 12?  An improvement over last year's record but are you kidding me?  We've been through a million coaches, switches at quarterback, and, zero, zilch. Just when in the hell do we climb out of the basement?

No coach since Joe Gibbs has understood that, of all the games played, we must beat Dallas. Every time. Jay Gruden (not half the coach his brother is) said that yesterday's game was for the future. Respectfully disagree.  N O T !!!  Playing Dallas is the equivalent of the Super Bowl for Redskins' fans. 

Someone please tell me how the Redskins could let the hated Cowboys come into their stadium and OWN them? And, we lost. Horrifically. Embarrassingly. Disappointingly.

So, here we are, again, saying "next year." That record has worn out.  It is time for the coaches to concentrate on the offensive line which is, just that, offensive. No quarterback in the league can survive behind them.  But the Redskins organization will continue to accuse their quarterbacks of "not smart enough to understand the plays," "holds the ball too long," "doesn't make smart decisions," or try to change them into something they are not; i.e., running quarterback into a pocket passer.  Please.  How long is the list of quarterbacks who saw their career derailed because of the "offensive line"?   For sure it helped kill Patrick Ramsey, Jason Campbell, and continue forward to this season's rotating line-up.

I'm a HTTR, through and through, but:

There's little left to say...except "Wait for next year."

Be safe. Be Blessed.

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