January 10, 2015


Decorating for Christmas is so much fun but putting it away is a major pain.  I now understand why my mother wasn't big on putting up decorations.  Drag the stuff out for a couple of days and then pack it up again.

I go big on the outside but give lip service to the inside.  Just enough to let you know that it is the holiday season.  I must have the tree, however.  Last year, I was lucky enough to find one of those 7.5 tall, snow-covered, trees, on sale. Just the height needed for the foyer and half price, no less.  My budget could handle that. The tree sat patiently waiting, on the back porch, for its time to shine.

The habit, down here, is to put up the tree and decorate the week of Thanksgiving.  You must be kidding me.  Two weeks before, or the week of, Christmas is time enough for me. But this year, things were put on fast forward.  A friend bought the building down the street and turned it into a banquet facility.  The grand opening was scheduled for Dec. 13th.  What?  All these people will go past my house and it's not decorated?  Boxes came out of storage and ribbons, wreaths, swags, started going up. Thank God, it was a warm day.

And now it is time to put all of that "stuff" away.  Looking over the many things that are strewn around, it dawned on me just how many "collections" I have. There are the angels and religious figurines; treasured Christmas ornaments; teapots; dolls; the Black figurines (of absolutely no value and many demeaning caricatures...which I bought because I got tired of seeing them on display in one of the that my rebellious purchase); books and more books; cds and dvds; items picked up during travels; perfume bottles; hair adornments; crystal; Redskins memorabilia; golf tags from courses visited; AKA things; golf items; scarves; pins; pictures; and stuff packed away that I can't remember.  WHEW! 

Dust collectors, without a doubt. If you gave it to me, I probably still have it. But such good memories when I remember who gave the item to me, when or where it was obtained. Fortunately, everything is not on display. Even this house is not big enough for that.

Member of the frog collection
These collections will have little meaning for those who come after me.  Oops, a light-hearted post just took a melancholy turn.

So I am packing away the Christmas collection of ribbons and bows,  becoming sentimental over some ornaments, and wishing that a genie would appear and snap his fingers, making it all disappear.

 What are you collecting?  Happy memories, I hope.

Be Safe.  Be Blessed.

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