January 11, 2015

The Rear View Mirror

Well, that's a catchy way of saying "see ya', 2014." It is done, over, gone. 2015 is officially in charge. And was 2014 a good year?  The rear view mirror says: "Damn Skippy."

My health continued to be relatively good.  A few minor blips associated with old age, a few extra pounds, but overall, I'm good. Finances? Could always be better. However, I'm not homeless or hungry so that's good, too. Family? They're good. Spirituality?  I'm keeping the faith in my own fashion. No church membership on the horizon. Country?  Now that is something that is definitely not under my control.  Lots of room for improvement.

So what did happen in 2014?

Traveled to Arizona but didn't get to meet the "wicked witch of the West," Governor Jan Brewer.  I had a finger to wag under her nose.  Went to Tucson, with a side trip to Tombstone. How could you be within an hour's drive and not see the OK Corral or Boot Hill Cemetery? True fans of western movies, Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday, etc., understand. Which was most interesting, Missy?  Tombstone...without a doubt. Although I did meet some interesting people in Tucson, one of whom turned me on to Malcolm Gladwell, an author I had not read.

Left Walmart.  Never had to take medication, regularly, before I went back to the Ripley store. Hip pain, shoulder pain, back pain.  Pain medicine before going to work, while at work, after work.  Get out of here!  And now you want me to climb ladders and wash windows?  Didn't sign on for that at my age. The irony, of course, is that I wrecked my knee climbing a ladder at home.  Key word:  at home.

Decided to try my hand at being a call center operator.  Not bad but you won't get rich either. Pays better if you can do it from home. The whole purpose of this exercise was to take care of the "wants."  You know, hair, nails, cigs.  If it can't do that....

Participated in the planning of a very successful political forum for local and state candidates.  Held a tea for two candidates running for county mayor and a judicial position.  Am I aspiring to become a "king maker"?  Naw, but I understand the importance of being involved.  I continue to be disappointed in my neighbors for the amount of apathy they display.  You can't complain if you don't vote.  I fail to understand why the local Democratic Party chapter folded tent and became invisible for the November election. The majority of my choices failed in their election bid.  Picking a winner doesn't seem to be my strong suit. Makes me think of my poor choices in picking football winners, as well.

Step Back In Time  went off well even though the weather meant that we had to bring it inside. My brother came to participate in the festivities. I was honored to have Darren Despoli, creator of the Alex Haley Tribute web site and Alex Haley's grandson, Michael Baker, join the guests.  Folks always find the kitchen. Patches was locked safely away in the back.

Added to my bona fides as an upstanding citizen of this town with my selection to the Ripley Gas and Water Board and the board of The Friends of Lauderdale County Library. Add that to the DEVCO board and the West Tennessee Business and Community Leaders organization and I think my calendar is full.

"And what's going on with the business, Missy?" Well, that is an area of disappointment, primarily on my end.  I need to devote more time to its establishment and less time to freebies or other people's affairs. 'Nuff said.

Death and illness took a few friends and acquaintances.  My good neighbor, Terry Ford, is having a terrible time with his illness. I was deeply saddened to learn of the death of Gisela Prather, my good friend, former church secretary for The Greater First Baptist Church, in Washington, D.C. Gisela was secretary for forever. Lawd, Lawd,  the wealth of knowledge that she possessed on its history.  I treasure the German dolls she gave me before I left. The death of Marion Barry rocked everyone's world.  Love him or hate him, Marion brought significant change to my hometown.  I am thankful that I can testify to the positive effect that he had.

"And the house?"  Serendipity is both the love and bane of my life. Just as one project comes to completion, something else falls apart. The roof over the front bathroom started to leak again and the ceiling needs replacing...again. Thankfully, this didn't happen until after my party. I think that I know the problem.  We'll see.  The soiled, off-white, living room furniture is now a very pretty gray, thanks to the wizardry of Sheila Conrad, upholsterer extraordinaire. Hmm, gray and yellow are becoming predominant colors in the household. The dining room floor needs repair. The master bedroom is done, finally, and the guest room redone.  Storm doors at the entry, with screens. Great for ventilation.  If only the vendor would return to replace the screens with the glass panels. Water pipe froze and broke in the laundry room.  A heater is now running full force out there. So is everything neat and orderly? Is that a rhetorical question?  There's always tomorrow.  

So looking into the rear view mirror, 2014 was a very good year.  Driving forward into 2015 with great expectations.

Be Safe. Be Blessed.


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