November 18, 2007

Close But No Cigar

I really thought the 'Skins were going to pull it out. It's a good thing I don't have close neighbors. They would've thought I'd lost my mind. All of the ranting, raving, and cheering going on in here. Troy Aikman may think the world of Clinton Portis but he isn't showing me anything. And, he's third in the league for yardage? Surely, you jest. Anyway, you can't blame Jason Campbell (who, incidentally, looks as though Lionel Ritchie spit him out); he put it there. It's up to the receivers to hold on or pull it in. Great game even though we lost.

Found a new store in Ripley--a hybrid dollar store/Wal-Mart. Freds. Great place to go as an alternative to Wally World for picking things up. I have an aversion to shopping there on off days. Just don't want to be there. Period. And the cigarettes are cheaper. I've noticed that no one has the same price--Wally World being the most expensive. I buy there for convenience but the gas station in front of the lot is much cheaper.

Did I tell you that we now have a liquor store in Ripley? Yep. Me and SF checked it out when he was here. Right next to Emily's. Had never seen that building and if I did, paid it no attention. And a beauty salon has opened on the square, down the street from my favorite realtors. Should bring some business to the square if they keep late hours. I already told you that it dies at 5 p.m., pronto, and is dead on Saturdays. We won't discuss Sundays.

Piss-Ant is doing fine. Gave me a real scare this morning. SF convinced me that she didn't need a leash when outside and girlfriend has been doing fine. Until today. I don't know what she spotted across the street by the library but she took off like a shot. From the back to the front, down the hill, across the street and behind the library in the space of seconds. No amount of shouting and clapping was bringing her back. Needless to say, I was scared ****less. What if she bit somebody or got hit by a car or didn't come back? I'd be stuck with newborn puppies amongst other things. Well, here she comes racing back, totally unconcerned. Never stopped to look for oncoming cars. How do you teach dogs that trick? A car was turning the corner and hadn't really accelerated when she bounded across the street, up the hill, and jumped up on me as if to say "I did good, didn't I?" I was not amused. Leash is in order.

Bought her some bone-shaped, rawhide treats. Anything that resembles a bone is bound for burial. I saved this one from interment just in time. The electrician, who owns over 10 acres of land around Ripley, promises to help me find homes for the pups (changed that from getting rid of the pups). He claims that people train dogs like her to hunt squirrels, etc. Since I've been taken by almost every Tennessean I've met so far, we'll see.

Speaking of Tennesseans, this must be redhead country. I swear I've never seen so many REAL redheads in my life. Male and female. The kids are cute. Regular carrot-tops. Wonder what the ancestry is around here?

As for the wrist, the top of my hand is swollen and red but not as much as it was. Not really painful, though there are occasional pains in the arm and some discomfort. But you can tell from the emails that it is not bothering me a lot. If it does, I'll go through the health clinic and let them take a look at it. I don't think I qualify for the TN health coverage but it is something to look into seriously. Heaters should be here this week. Electrical work is scheduled for this week but, of course, more rain is called for. What does that have to do with anything? Water and electricity don't mix.

Be blessed.

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