November 21, 2007

What Can I Say?

Every time we make a move towards getting the electricity straight, it pours down rain. Scheduled to have the work done today, Wednesday. Mr. Cannon, the electrician, came through Wally World to let me know that severe storms were called for and did I want to try for Monday, just in case the weather turned before he finished. We decided to see what it looked like in the morning. Totally taken out of our hands. Woke to a downpour. I didn't know that the power company had to come out and physically disconnect the power; I thought they just flicked a switch. Learn something new everyday. If it had started raining before he'd finished, I'd have been without power for a few days given Thursday is Thanksgiving. That would never do. Maybe the heaters will have arrived by Monday. It would be nice to have everything done at once.

Saw my good friend, Mrs. Drain, and asked her to let her daughter know I'm interested in attending some sorority meetings. Her expression indicated that I just might be in her league, after all. She and her husband own a farm in Henning. Not interested in a puppy. Oh, well.

Christmas came early to Serendipity through the good graces of Piss-Ant. Came in the other night and thought I caught a whiff. Tiptoed very carefully to the kitchen door. (The inside light on the porch is not working.) Flashlight showed no evidence of a present. Must be my imagination and the stinky pups. Took her outside, watched her antics, and enjoyed the late night warmth (we've had two or three days in the high 70's). The back porch is divided by a connecting door. On one side is the entry to the kitchen; the other, which was used as a canning/potting room, has been turned into a laundry room. The connecting door doesn't quite close so I'd put something in front of it to hold it. Or so I thought. I stepped into the laundry area to wash and was met with several presents. Pregnant, she couldn't get through the opening; slim and sleek? The door didn't look like it had been moved at all and she's not that damned smart to close it behind her.

Good grief! It's a good thing she just had babies or she would have been slaughtered. No more leaving the food dish out for you to graze at will. We have to get back on a feeding schedule. And, I'd let her out a thousand times before I left. If she gets over there this time...we can call her Houdini, 'cause even I will have to move things. Don't like those type of presents.

You don't realize how much spunk she has because she's so affectionate. Don't let her size fool you. Girlfriend is feisty. I had just come to the back door to let her in when I saw this huge, mangy, old dog just a few feet from her, just checking out the yard, not bothering Cindy. I guess he/she thought they could share the area. She was on him/her like white on rice. If she had not been on a leash, they'd still be running. Chased him/her as far as she could. He/she might want to think twice about visiting Cindy's yard again--at least while she's in it. I, of course, was scared to death.

She is the epitome of a food addict--dance for your supper and all that. Got a free pizza because the person in front of me decided that it was burned and my best friend, at Subway, didn't want to throw it away. When I came through the door and Cindy caught the smell--girlfriend walked on her hind legs, did everything but turn somersaults. All for naught. This is people food. She wasn't happy but a few dog biscuits made it all right.

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