December 12, 2007

2 Down

Runt and one of the brown teddy bears have left the house. Sorry to see Runt leave; he was so cute and had a lot of heart to be the smallest of the bunch. Knock him down and he was back into the fray. Big Boy is still around, growling, raising cain, and doing his alpha male thing. The black ones don't back off, though.

Miz Cindy is trying to wean them but they are giving her fits. And, she still presents her presents. Necessity being the mother of invention, I decided to kill two birds with one stone. Separate them. Condos (milk crates) for the kiddies; barricade the mother in the dog house while I'm gone. Sounds good? The first night, she met me at the door and had given me a present. Second night, I used packing tape to secure the barrier, leaving enough open space for breathing. That worked. Aha! I've found the answer. Third night, she and Big Boy (whom she had released from captivity) met me at the door. Quadruple presents. I was fit to be tied. What happened to my fail-proof solution? Did she break the tape holding the plywood? No. How the hell she managed to get out of the dog house will remain a mystery.

Of course, girlfriend knew she was in trouble. Out of the house like a shot. Did somebody say dogs have short-term memory? Maybe so but they surely know when they have done something that will bring the wrath of hell down on them. Across the yard and under a bush. After navigating the mine field, I went to get her and she took off. Let me tell you, boys and girls. I don't chase animals. She picked a mighty cold night to run. When she hadn't returned within a reasonable time, I turned in. A little fearful, I must admit.

Who was sitting by the back door when I finally opened it this morning? Miz Cindy. The next step is to leave her and the dog house outside until I return. Then she can come in. The pups? I haven't found any takers for the cute little monsters. Everyone I've asked either has a dog or wants a purebred. Are you kidding me? Why would I GIVE away a purebred? They have until the middle of next week and then off to the shelter. Too much for the kid.

Forgot to tell you that I saw the good Deacon a few weeks ago. You know, the one who was redoing the inside of Serendipity? The one that does "quantity" work? He is an "assistant" to his niece, the director of Ripley's head start program. Has a very important position. Drives the school bus. And, that is an important position. Make no mistake.

I probably also mentioned that there are three Gwendolyn's at Wally World. One does flowers on the side. Well, I made and sold flower arrangements for a while in DC. Maybe we can hook up and I can learn more techniques from her? Hmmmm. Had the opportunity to talk with her and found that she is the "Granny G" who owns the floral business in Henning. Has a little establishment right on the side of road. Don't know if that is her residence or just a building that she uses. I'll take a closer look the next time I go through. So why is she at Wal-Mart? Seems the white folks don't use her and the Black population, primarily for funerals. No such thing as baby showers, weddings, gift baskets, yada yada. "They do their own." You know I wanted to know how the white florist stayed open in Ripley. Now I don't know what his books look like but from passing by, it looks like it is a profitable operation. It looks like another case where a little marketing might do wonders. No web site; she no longer participates in Teleflora (expensive but she admitted that she had a lot of business when she was affiliated with them). You know, the usual: newspaper advertisements, printed materials, business cards. Of course, word of mouth is always good but if you say the business is not consistent.... So, all that to say that there is no point in pursuing that as a business because the dog don't hunt.

This was sent to me and I'm sharing it with you. Enjoy.

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GailTravel said...

Poor Cindy, losing her babies :(
I'm going to miss Runt! :)