April 23, 2008

The Day of the Possum

That's right, an ugly ol' possum turned my day upside down before it could even get started. Picture this, if you will.

It's a beautiful morning in the Big Rip; dew on the roses type day. Tremendous storm yesterday so the sun is throwing reflections off of the remaining moisture and everything is greening up and blooming. All's right with the world. Until...Cindy and Big Boy spot two birds entangled at the front of the yard. Off they go. No amount of calling is bringing them back. Now, why weren't they tied up? Because I was busy disposing of soiled newspaper. Big Boy really surprised me because he generally comes running. Not this morning. No sirreee, Bob! Over the hill they go, like two children playing hooky. Drats!

While worrying and watching for their return, I see movement at the base of the driveway. It's white; must be Cindy. But it's moving awfully slow. Just as I round the garage, Cindy and Big Boy are coming into the driveway and what is waiting for them? A POSSUM! Oh. My. God! Cindy is poking, smelling, getting too close...stupid dog...and the possum's teeth are bared. What to do? Throw a mop destined for the trash of course! Possum slowly makes his way under the truck parked at the newspaper; Big Boy dashes for the only safety he knows--the house; and Cindy is spooked and up the street she goes. No amount of calling is bringing her back. Darn critter! I thought they were dwellers of the night?

The coffee's on; the news is on; I'm outside with rollers in my hair, unwashed, unclothed (not really), and the damned dog is roaming around the post office lot. Now she's barking up a storm. By the time I get up to the lot, with leash in hand, I see that she is not allowing a boy to come to the spot where he boards the school bus. And, she is determined to protect that piece of turf. Excuse me, Cindy, but this is NOT your territory. Kids are piling out of the house on the corner, laughing at me and the darned dog who is not coming for love or money. School bus pulls up, they get on, Cindy turns and trots towards the house. N O T!!! By the time I get back to house, fully expecting to see her in the yard, she is nowhere to be found. Guess her adventure wasn't over.

Rabies shots are being given on Saturday at a nominal cost. Mr. Possum has driven home the necessity of getting that done. Of course, Wally World has me scheduled for that time slot. Phone rings to let me know that the water work won't be done because of the rain yesterday and you just know that more is scheduled for today and tomorrow. Why not, you ask? Because the ground is too soft for the machinery. And still no Cindy. Please, can't the sistah catch a break?

Miss Cindy, the hussy, appears in the yard an hour later, totally unconcerned and friendly as can be. Maybe the day will be a good one, after all.

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