April 25, 2008

A Plethora of Things

So much is happening and so quickly, until I don't know where to start. Yep, it's going to be one of those posts so if I've stepped on your toes or bored you with my rants, you can stop reading now.

The verdict from the police killing of the bridegroom in New York has just been released. Not Guilty. On all counts. Why am I surprised? Disappointed? Angry? Because it is the same old song played out countless times across the country. Every time. Hear me, Obama, things have not changed. And, everyone says "there are no winners or losers in this case." Excuse me??? A man is dead. Unarmed. Not guilty. And the men in blue walk again.

Happened to hear a dialog on the Michael Baisden show between Roland Martin, Baisden, and the head of the NC Republican Party, Linda Daves. I was so sorry that I was in the car on my break. The issue being discussed, when I tuned in, was the current commercial being played in NC about Obama and Wright. The party head replied that they were playing it because the democratic candidates for governor needed to be responsible for their corrupt ways, yada yada. was pointed out...the ad is about Obama; not the gubernatorial candidates. Her response was to accuse Baisden and Martin of playing the race card. Pulleeze!

Wonder why the youth can't write or mangle the English language? Listen to and read the output of your journalists. "The polygamous ranch." Excuse me?? When did the ranch become polygamous? Now, it has been a mighty long time since I conjugated verbs and did the whole English grammar schtick but do I ever miss Drs. Taylor, Brown, Campbell, and the other instructors who drummed certain rules into my head. I.e., nouns and verbs must relate; rules of punctuation, and so on. Has the comma become obsolete? Now, to be fair, I've forgotten a lot of it (but keep reference guides close at hand) and, since I'm not a professional, my writing is not perfect but to hear/see the press mess up so badly is irritating. These people are getting PAID big money to be correct in their usage. Anyone need an editor?

Worked women's apparel all week. Man, women's lingerie has changed! I guess that tells you that I don't spend a lot of time in that section--Wally World or anywhere else. Learned new skills: test scanning; attaching price tags to clothing. The manager wanted to know if I knew that the stock (bras) is put up according to the size, smallest to the largest, etc? Excuse me??? How long have I been in the bra market? My entire life? I smiled and said I thought I might have an idea of how to put them out. And, boys and girls, the highlight? I got to answer the phone. "Ripley Wal-Mart. How may I help you?" Whoo Hoo!!

One of the assistant managers, a young, Black woman, is new to the position, to the store, and to the great city of Ripley. Also new to the departments she is overseeing. She came expecting to assume the duties of the apparel and front-end departments and was assigned housewares, domestics, hardware, and stationery. Feeling a little unsure of herself. A little intimidated. All of the biddies are much older than she is. Set in their ways. She came back later to say that after going over the departments, alone, she now understands the modulars, etc., and thanked me for the suggestions. You're welcome. Now, just give me some more hours, please.

Off to check on the brood's water supply. Check with you later.

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