April 27, 2008

The Second Coming

In the past week, Wally World has been visited by both Tammy Faye and Elvis, both of whom are among the dearly departed. But someone forgot to tell these lovely people. Not impersonators, mind you, but then it is said that impersonation is the highest form of admiration. Tammy Faye's lookalike absolutely LUVED her. Elvis, on the other hand, came close but no cigar. Gray hair will never see the light of day in that head of hair or the sideburns. The cashier waiting on him quipped "Elvis has left the building." What a hoot.

The great city of Ripley is taking applications for the position of Chief of Police. You only need a high school diploma to apply and five years of experience. Plus being qualified in firearms, yada yada. Hello??? Management skills?? Leadership skills??? Something other than being related to somebody?? Perhaps vision...a plan for stemming the budding crime/gang problem? Guess it is not necessary; business as usual. Which includes the infamous seatbelt checks which resulted in the killing of an African-American last year. It goes without saying that the policemen were cleared of any wrongdoing. A young man came in to work on Friday after undergoing one of those stops. The dogs wrecked the inside of his car. He was frisked on the side of the road. No drugs; no guns...just an ordinary seatbelt check.

After a week in lingerie, I got to take a turn in infant's wear. Good grief! I don't know which is harder, busting boxes or continually picking up after the mothers, mothers-to-be, grandmothers, friends, and the assorted like. All I have to say is that I am a whipped puppy. You would think that when everything is arranged by color, pattern, and size, shoppers would go through the goods as though they were at a rummage sale. Wishful thinking on my part. And after they've destroyed the display, discarded pieces are dumped back on the table. Thanks a rot.

Was blessed and most fortunate to have caught the speech made by Rev. Jeremiah Wright to attendees at the Detroit chapter of the NAACP's dinner. Were you there, Underwood? Give me a holla' if you were. Lawd, Lawd, Lawd. I must confess that I waited with bated breath. All weekend people have been tut-tutting about the damage he would do to the Obama campaign. Del. Norton and others went on and on. Well, good people, if the good Reverend wants to open a church in the great city of Ripley, sign me up!!!!

Naturally, the pundits immediately weighed in with opinions as to whether his speech was damaging; pulled out pieces to dissect; and read into it something totally different. It would be nice if these "experts" would familiarize themselves with the culture and/or speak from a level of authority. Then, and only then, would their comments be objective and, perhaps, valuable. Case in point: Rev. Wright made the point that African-American children learn differently from white children. One pundit took exception and stated that he was advocating something totally different from what he said; that he was telling Black parents that their children were less than normal. Not what he said, at all. He said "different does not mean deficient." Black parents know all too well that their children learn in a different manner; the standardized tests have been analyzed and proven to put our children at a disadvantage. Example: one task requires that children associate objects; i.e., cup goes with saucer. An analysis showed that most Black children didn't make the association because in their household, coffee cups were seldom used with saucers--and more often, mugs were the choice. Hmm, and we disproportionately populate the special education classrooms. Another pundit claimed that he was advocating the use of ebonics. DID NOT! Try this link for the video on CNN, if it is still available. You owe it to yourself.

Learned that tragedy struck in Ripley, notably to the electrician's assistant--the one who took two of the puppies. Something straight off of Maury or Nancy Grace. Her estranged husband killed her new boyfriend on Saturday evening. Just awful. Pray for all of them, please.

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