April 28, 2008

Please Stop!

Mother Nature, please give me a break. Rain falls with such frequency until I wish there was a way to store it for the dry months coming. Temperatures are 80 degrees one day, low 60 degrees the next. Heat on one day; off the next.

Politicians, pundits, "experts," please stop with the Rev. Wright. Why is he speaking now? Why won't he go away? Why is he so bombastic, offensive, unpatriotic? Give me a break. His opinions are his. He is and was a sought-after speaker before Obama. Obama is NOT his claim to fame, though we would be led to believe that he was an obscure preacher until this year. And, if Obama loses his bid based on the perception of Rev. Wright then, clearly, America is not as "objective," "accepting," "ready for a Black president," as it claims to be. The association link is WEAK! As is the Ayres connection. Find something else to hang Obama with. If you, the media, would stop carrying coverage, Wright would go away. Surely, there is more happening in the world other than Rev. Wright's speeches. Further, if you took time to read or listen to them, with an open mind, your opinion just might change.

Stop with the use of ads linking Obama/Wright to bash local candidates. There is a run-off election in Mississippi for Congress and the Republican Party is using the ad against the Democratic contender.

Big Boy and Cindy...Stop digging in my yard. Aaargh! Big Boy, if you can't find your way out from behind the bushes, don't go in. I'm tired of coming out to release you. And, while you're being admonished, stop going on my porch.

Just a bit of humor. Don't know if this is the Player's lady or not but there is a posting on the internet addressed to a young man by the same name--"___ needs to pay his child support." She lives a county or so over from the young man in question. Inquiring minds want to know.

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