April 20, 2008

A Full Day's Work

Wreaking havoc down here in Ripley, TN. Tearing up; tearing down. What are you doing? It's a glorious day and I'm spending it outside, primarily. That's right, yard work is in order.

Bought a better weed eater. Got duped again. It says "edger;" silly me, I thought it meant I would get that clear delineation between the lawn and the walkways. N O T!!!! But it is more powerful than the little lightweight trimmer and does a much better job. Of course, the brood could make a beautiful line. They're so damned adept at digging holes. And, in all of the wrong places. The area around one bush looked like a moat after the downpour on Friday. This is definitely one aspect of having pets that I don't need or like. Big Boy is deathly afraid of the lawn mower. Wonder if I could use it to train him? Hmmm.

Tried to fix my vacuum cleaner. Since it's not picking up, there's no reason to run it. So acting upon the good advice given by well-meaning friends, I took it apart. Ran a coat hanger through it, pulled a few threads off the beater brush. Well, wouldn't you just know that the belt is broken? Better yet--wouldn't you just know that it is older than dirt and they don't make this model anymore? Thought Wally World would have it. N O T! But I can order one on-line. Oh, well. We won't talk about how many days/hours I spent trying to dismantle this thing and/or trying to find the instructions on the internet.

So, today, I put together the super-duper weed whacker. My eyesight is getting too bad to read the fine print but I finally managed to assemble it. Whipped out my new extension cord, gathered everything for my day outside: gas, trimmer, rakes, gloves, mower, trash cans. Goodness, sounds like I have a regular landscaping job going on. Not really. Lots of limbs, sticks, branches laying around and the area around the fire hydrant is overgrown. Also have a few bushes, notably one on the slope by the driveway that needed a trim. Precarious going, trimming that one. Managed to hack it death but couldn't reach the top. Doing the best I can.

Well, the weed whacker was going great guns and then the cord disappeared. Can't be! This is my first time using it! I have slopes, sides and the front, and the areas along the fences to complete. I'll get back to the manual to see what the real deal is.

The lawn mower requires three fill-ups to complete the whole yard, front and back. I was determined to get the whole yard done today because Wally World has me on board at 11 a.m., tomorrow morning. I can't believe it! Just screwed my day. But I tried, boys and girls. The mower finally said enough and that was good enough for me. While I didn't succeed in getting it all done in one day, I'll finish it on my next day off. Maybe by then I will have solved the mystery of the weed whacker.

Walked Big Boy to end of the driveway, where he promptly went crazy upon seeing this scruffy-looking character coming up the street. I was holding on for dear life. He finally sat but continued to bark up a storm. The man commented that he had "a lot of bark for his size." Cindy is up by the house, chained, barking as though she is being murdered. These dogs are definitely jealous of each other--don't do for one, if you can't do for the other. Big Boy is a mama's boy. I don't know if he thought she was in harm's way or what. He literally dragged me back up the driveway. The leash was biting into my hand. I finally gave up and let him go. What on earth am I going to do if he gets larger and stronger? Well, now it is Miss Cindy's turn. Of course, Big Boy is having conniptions because he has been left behind. Thank God, I don't have a lot of neighbors.

Signing off from the Big Rip.

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