October 25, 2011

TeleTown Hall

Lawd, Lawd. Congressman Stephen Fincher, Republican, 8th Congressional District, will never call me again.  I've missed each teleconference call placed by his office but not today.  I picked up the phone thinking that someone whom I knew was calling me from my hometown.  I was just in time to participate in his town hall teleconference.

I thought that I would have a stroke.  The blood pressure went up and up. According to Rep. Fincher, gas was $1.87 a gallon when the President took office.  He was obviously citing figures being used by Cong. Bachman. Both are delusional.  Gas was over $3 when I moved to TN in 2007.  Decided to check Google while he was on the phone.  Sure enough, it hovered around $3.14 in May 2007.  Same price in 2009. 

"Obamacare" and Obama-bashing was, as to be expected, the order of the day.  "Obamacare" is taking $500 billion out of Medicare. Yep, but he didn't explain that a lot of it was to cut excessive administrative costs. "We must repeal is a millstone around America's neck."  "Obama hasn't tried to work with us."  "Obama has spent more money  than any president in the last few decades."  "All of us know who elected Obama...the unions...and they were rewarded with the stimulus package.  That's why we're in the shape we're in." "We do not need to be sending money to people who hate us."

You know that I dialed in to speak, right?  I was put in line and a staff person asked me the nature of my question.  I mentioned that  I would like for him to correct his assertions re gas prices and Medicare (told them that I was on Google, as we spoke) and why couldn't the Job Bill be passed.  Well, there was a deep breath and I knew that my call was NOT going to be taken.  Sure enough, the call lasted for an hour and Sistah Girl is still waiting. 

Such frothing at the mouth by my congressman.  He comes home every weekend.  Doesn't take the healthcare package, participate in the retirement plan.  Who's paying your plane fare, Congressman?  The best thing I heard during that hour was a question by a woman who wanted to know why the Republicans aren't running any decent men.  "I don't like any of these people."  The second best was from a WWII vet who wanted to know why, after serving his country, he had to sit through an 8-hour gun permit class. 

Congressman Fincher intends to hold these TeleTown Hall calls every 2 to 3 weeks.  Lawd, Lawd.  Hears hoping that I'm home for the next one.

Be safe. Be Blessed.

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DCnTN said...

Typing too fast and not editing closely. "Here's" and not "hear's" is the correct word.