December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve In the Big Rip

The second gift arrived with a the form of a serious cold.  I'm sure that I have had a few since I've been here but can't remember them.  It can only be hoped that this one won't be memorable either. But, so far, it is a doozy.

It arrived on Thursday, along with my brother's gift.  Totally unexpected.  By Friday morning, it was full-blown.  Sneezed my way through the shift on Friday and picked up more cold medicine before I left.  See, I had plans for the weekend and being sick was not among them.  There are pecans to be gathered (before my fox decides to make this a home), food to be cooked, and wreaths to be completed.

A  restless night brought a clear, bright morning...and the end of the tissues.  I cannot believe it.  I deliberately bought everything that I thought I would need to get through the weekend, upon leaving Wally, so that I would not have to venture into the maddening, last-minute crowds. Thankfully, I have plenty of toilet tissue and paper towels in the house. 

The day has spent in the bed, dozing, with the exception of a brief visit by Miss Fay, hairdresser extraordinaire, who was making her Santa rounds, complete with the Santa hat perched jauntily to the side.  I learned that the good Rev has been visited by the same germ.  Have assured him that we'll feel better in the morning.

In the meantime, the ham sits on the counter, along with the sweet potatoes and butter for the pie.  This meal will be cooked before the day is over.  I just don't know when.

Wishing you and yours a Blessed Christmas.  Be Safe.  Be Blessed.

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