December 19, 2011

If It's Sunday...

I should be watching football.  Right?   My lifelines, here in the Big Rip, are the computer, the NFL, and books.  So why was my entire Sunday spent doing something other than watching football?  Particularly when I had the very rare opportunity to watch my beloved Redskins? Who just happened to win?

See, I'm still caught up in this decorating thing. Sheesh!  TIME-consuming! Those silly lights are so darned frustrating!  I want them across the railings; I want them to drape the obelisks; I want; I want.  It is not happening. Thoroughly dissatisfied with the outward appearance, so I hied myself down to my favorite employer this morning to get more cords. This is not rocket science!  What it is, however, is the fear that I'll overload something and burn Serendipity down. And why can't I remember how to work the outside timer?  I repeat...this is not rocket science!

Came home and decided that more lights could wait until next year.  Plan the work and work the plan. Try to get a dedicated outside line run, new wiring; better safe than sorry.  The cords will keep till next year. Wish that I'd bought my neighbor's lights at the estate sale but...there's always clearance after Christmas. 

So the house is not lit but red bows abound.  They are on the railings; on the lanterns; on the handrails; on the little trees.  One big red Christmas bow.  Still contemplating the wreaths.  They may have to wait until next year, as well.  Maybe red bows on the doors?

Speaking of estate sales...spent entirely too much money.  Got a fabulous chair that called my name when I walked through the door.  Perfect for the character of the house.  Now...if I can just find the right spot for it. Even better, get it through the door of the living room.  Love that chair!

I could conduct these estate sales.  The problem, here, would be breaking into the business. The woman who conducted the one next door got her start as a result of being downsized, twice.  As a matter of fact, I could probably make a little money by attending, buying, and selling pieces.  A lot of people in attendance weren't buying for themselves but purchasing with the idea to resell.

An antique dealer, from Covington, pushed her way into my house (some people just won't take no for an answer) and was complimentary about the repairs.  Of course, she just wanted to get inside but she did like the tables in the dining room and foyer. And couldn't believe the Dutch door.

So, I have moved, replaced, rehung, and done all of the decorating that I am inclined to do for this holiday season.  Grandson's package has been mailed.  The adults will receive theirs sometime soon. In the meantime, I'm kicking back and chillin'. 

Be safe. Be Blessed.

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