December 18, 2011

Getting in the Spirit

N O T!  I think the Grinch is trying to move in.  The spirit is willing but the flesh is mighty, might weak. And further more...why am I spending time decorating when it is only me?  Why didn't I just buy a poinsettia and call it a day?

Too much to figure out--and while Number One Son said that I could "light up Gresham Place like an airport runway"--Serendipity is much larger. I want my obelisks lit with great big bows. I want lights across the railings; I have little trees on each side of the door.  How many cords can I run...safely?  And, how do they connect so that everything comes on?  I guess that I'll have to drag out more cords. Sheesh!

What looks best on the front?  How much is too much?  I bought a beautiful decoration from the estate sale which looks awesome between the front windows (gonna nail that sucker down).  When I spotted it, it was already sold; however, while scrounging in the back, I found the mate. MINE!  Once up, it pointed out that something between those windows year-round would be a nice touch. 

Big, red, bows on the coach lanterns!  Perfect!  Garland around the door.  Not too pleased with that but I'm leary of the ladder...old age is setting in.  Working on the wreaths.  Decided to put some of those magnolia leaves to use but I've missed a step along the way.  They are starting to dry out.  Oh, well.  From a distance, no one will notice. 

My neighbor's penchant for Christmas saved me a boatload of work with respect to making bows.  Might have to make an additional run over for more bows and lights. Checked out my stash of lights and some of them aren't fully lit. She has tons of them.

I'm still fighting with that awful Christmas tree.  It's coming along but, as with most Christmas trees, looks much better lit at night.  What do I do about the "daytime" tree?  More "filler"? And just where are the rest of the Christmas ornaments? 

Ah, yes, I'm getting into the spirit. After all, putting up the decorations are just a part of it.  It is not the Reason for the Season!

Be Safe.  Be Blessed.

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