January 01, 2012

End Of A Chapter

If the years of your life are treated as chapters in a book, then 2011 was a memorable chapter. But, then, aren't they all? My memory file served up reminders of both happy and sad events. Tragedy and awesome displays of Mother Nature's destructive force. Man's inhumanity to man. Skipping over the political blunders, ineptitude, and disasters. They've been recounted enough. 

For me, 2011 will be remembered as the year in which my father died, as well as the passing of several friends...some old; some new.  My chil'ren received hard-won degrees; got married and had babies (or vice versa). The Redskins continued their awful slide into obscurity.  It brought trips to places which I had never visited; distressing encounters with contractors; and an attempted break-in.

On the lighter side, it also brought more needed renovations and repairs to Serendipity which means that I can comfortably open my door to visitors, at last.  The addition of a swing to the landscape, which acts as shelter to a much-despised, beautiful, snow white cat, and a cheerfully-decorated front for Christmas rounded out improvements to the homestead. Lost a neighbor but gaining a new one. 

I was able to meet more people this year. Sadly, one passed shortly after meeting him. Please say a prayer for the Nolan family. They survived the destructive Joplin tornado but Larry passed in November. I became semi-retired so that I could enjoy my new home and tearfully left my new-found friends in Brownsville.  My body started to show signs of deterioration. It doesn't understand that I have too much to see and do. 

And the year brought a lot of firsts.  Among them, my first (but not last) estate sale. Learning how to play roulette. Being relatively warm in my bedroom and computer room.  It seems that there is a grate at the front of the house which needs to be opened and closed. Who knew?  I now understand why I have frozen my rear off in these rooms for four years. Introduced to that wine. Plans for online classes in 2012 which, of course, required a new computer...still in the box.

2011...a chapter closed but a new chapter is waiting to be written. Anticipating 2012 and all that it will bring.  Be safe.  Be Blessed.

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