December 12, 2011

Silver Bells

Silver Bells was the theme of  the 7th Annual West Tennessee Business and Community Leaders Network Christmas, hosted by Tommy and Donna Sanders, last Saturday.  And, as they say, a grand time was had by all.
Tommy & Donna Sanders; Mrs. Lee

Speaking of grand, the Sanders' home is magnificent; the decorations and decor were breathtaking. The Christmas motif was everywhere, inside and out.  Not a space was left undecorated; even the goblets in the china cabinet had decorations.  Gorgeous trees were in every room, including the bathrooms...all done by Donna.  Understand that she started putting things together in October.  I'd certainly hate to be the one taking it all down. She could do this professionally as her second career.
The president of the Network, Rev. Rob, greeted us as we parked. I stepped into the splendor with my shoes in hand...I refused to be embarrassed.  The tables were beautifully decorated and dinner started on time (for those of us who brought our appetites with us). So here's the menu:  Rib-eye steak (oh, so tender); shrimp; baked potatoes; Texas toast and rolls; sweet and sour stringbeans; salad; tea; cheesecake; homemade pound cake, and more. Greedy Missy had both the cheesecake and pound cake.  Did I mention that I must lose weight?  The white wine will definitely have a home at Serendipity.

The guests consisted of familiar faces and brand new ones; sorors whom I knew and some whom I did not. Among the guests were the pastor of Morning Star Baptist Church, a church which I have passed on many an occasion, and his wife, a soror who rocked some thigh-high boots. Will make the Christmas service. I understand that he is a teaching preacher.  Perhaps  I can find a church home.

An interesting game was played where each guest wrote down something about themselves which the others would not know. The guests would then try to match the clue with the correct person. It was a great party game. Even singing The Twelve Days of Christmas turned into fun.  Donna divided the group into sections and assigned their verse to be sung at the appropriate time.  Some good voices in that group. 

Carol Burnett's signature song  ended the evening.  What great fun! The Sanders' and their able assistant, Paula, really know how to throw a party! 

Contrary to popular opinion, the next one will not be at Serendipity!

Be safe.  Be Blessed. 

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Anonymous said...

Oh, yes it will be. Just you wait 'enry 'iggins! Just you wait. (hahaha).