July 02, 2012

Cover It Up

Now, girls and boys, before I get deep into this rant, let me state unequivocally that I am old (and blessed) and that my viewpoint may be a little rigid for some. Knowing this, however, doesn't change my point of view.  To the younger set, both celebrity and those poor as Job's cat,  I say..."Put some damn clothes on."  And, add to that, from a person who does have a foul mouth..."Clean it up."

What brought this on, you ask?  Among other things, last night's BET Awards show.  It illustrated perfectly that money doesn't buy class.  Someone will be quick to say that the attire reflected the taste of the audience for who they perform.  To which I say, B...S.....  A man attired in a well-cut suit is a sight to behold.  The same for women who take the time to pull the entire outfit together, from head to toe.  Excuse me but seeing most of your "girls," your behind,  or any other part of your anatomy, leaves me cold. Particularly when appearing in what should be a class act, an awards presentation, and not hanging out in the hood. Two thirds of them don't have a body worth looking at--most of the assets have been enhanced.  The tattoos are in the extreme.  Actually, "extreme behavior" sums it up nicely.

So just what did we teach these children?   How to be outrageous?  How to be obnoxious?  That bad attitude/attire/speech is good? I am tired of the sluttish looks and behavior.  I'm tired of hearing, from people who have absolutely no musical aptitude, of their sexual prowess, the boasting of having children by "baby daddy." I am tired of films whose sole story line is drugs, killing, cheating, and humping.  Yet, they wonder why little work, of quality, is available to the Black actor.  And, I am absolutely sick of all of the senseless violence--Black on Black crime.

I don't have an answer. I turned BET off, for the most part, long ago.  I only tuned in last night to hear Cissy Houston's tribute to Whitney.  I shake my head at the youngsters and cringe when they open their mouths.

I'm not ready to go home but a change has to come.  Youngsters, your actions influence and shape the opinions of so many.  You are building the legacy for the next generation. Be your own person, not one of the pack, and cover it up.

Be Safe. Be Blessed.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, sistah! Your opinions also go for all the "boys" (not race specific) who strut down the street with their butt cracks on display. Do any of us want to see if they have left a tad of paper behind in their rush to get dressed?


DCnTN said...

Indeed, it was directed at both male and female; Black and white. The females with the daisy dukes (rusty knees and behind), the males with their drawers around the kneecap, the sistah who is hanging out, over, and around the top that is too short, too tight. Don't want to see stretch marks or anything else about your body. Cover it up! Did you get me started, or what?

Dee said...

Gwen...I agree with all that you've said...and more. The younger generation(s) have left me in such a distressed state about our people. There seems to be not even the least bit of decency in some of the things I've seen and heard. Will our folks ever return to decency? I pray so, but don't hold any hope of seeing it in my lifetime. There doesn't seem to be any ray of hope. Don't mean to sound like the voice of gloom and doom, but this is what I'm observing. I mean, why would someone want to wear their pants below their butts like convicts? Is there some honor in saying "I've served time in jail, and my behind is available for your fun and pleasure"? Why is there such pride in being un-(or under-) educated? There's no incentive in a lot of the homes to get at least a high school education, even if the job market does suck. Just get an education so that you can at least qualify for the positions of dog catcher and trash man!!! Learn how to spell...learn how to put at least 10 words together to convey a coherent thought for heaven's sake. Learn how to write your name!!!
And Yes, I too wrote BET off YEARS ago.

DCnTN said...

Spelling is a lost cause. Not taught in school and messaging, with its shorthand, has decimated the language. Sadly, older adults have adopted this habit in their writing, as well. I look at some posts and can't understand what is being said.To make it even worse, they don't understand or know what is correct.

As for the job market, opportunities are slim; however, Melissa Harris Perry did a piece on the middle class and a panelist spoke about how the middle class consisted mostly of firemen, teachers, postal workers, etc., and how the budget cuts were being directed to those occupations. Which, I hadn't given it much thought before I heard it, are the exact positions which have lifted Blacks into comfortable lifestyles.