August 10, 2013


Not haters, good people, but  Hail to the Redskins

Just in case you didn't know.

Sistah Girl snagged a ticket to the preseason game between the Redskins and the Titans. But let me give credit where credit is due.  A coworker tipped me off. The conversation went like this:
Are you going to the game on Thursday night?  What game?  The Redskins are playing the Titans.  Say what?  I have to work. Well, my husband is calling in...I don't know how many points you have....  At my age, do points really matter?
With careful consideration, notice the word "careful," I decided that: 1) I haven't seen a live (and very few televised) Redskins' games since I moved to Tennessee  2) The opportunity might not be available again  3) I was scheduled off on Friday and  4) Why not?

Went through the proper channels and got the day off; spent the night looking for tickets and a hotel room (please not another Howard Johnson experience) and, voila, I was ready to hit the road on August 8th.

The message on the voice mail said:  "The Redskins have landed and all roads to Nashville are closed."  My response?  "Gimme a ticket on an aeroplane; ain't got time for a fast train." Pulled out Thursday morning (an hour later than planned, as usual), headed for Route 40.  Tank full, cigarettes, peppermints, and bottled water. What can go wrong?

The heavens opened up somewhere outside of Nashville. I remember seeing a sign for Bucksnort. I kid you not. The GPS said that I had an hour to drive before reaching my destination. All I know, for sure, is that the rain came down fast and furious.  Visibility--zero.  Slowed down to a crawl and finally pulled over to the shoulder.  Now, I was as close to the guard rail as I could get (safely) but some of those 18-wheelers really ride that right line.  Lord!  My heart was in my mouth quite a few times as they whizzed by.  Okay, looks like the rain has passed.  Pulled out and not even 10 minutes down the road, the storm picked up more steam.  Pulled over again.  You know things are bad when the big trucks (with sensible drivers) pull over, as well.

Into Nashville, at the beginning of rush hour.  Sheesh!  These folks don't give a break, at all.  The hotel is located on Atrium Way.  Where that is, I have no clue, but the GPS does...thankfully.  Pulled in at 4 p.m.; the game is at 7 p.m.  Now knowing how football fans (and the resulting traffic nightmare) are, I need to be on the road to the stadium by 5 p.m. 

Asked at the desk for the quickest route back to LP Field or 10th Circle North to get the InShuttle service.  "Oh, we have shuttle service to the stadium.  Round trip for $10."  Really? Now this sounds good. I won't have to drive anywhere and it costs the same as InShuttle.  I'm in.  Pickup scheduled for 5 p.m.  Great!  Gives me time to freshen up and don my Redskins gear.  Surely you didn't think that I'd leave home without it?

But let me tell you about Club Hotel Nashville Inn and Suites, 2435 Atrium Way, Nashville, TN.   After that horrendous experience with Howard Johnson, in Harrisburg, I admit to being a little leery about my booking.  Surprise, surprise.  This is what a hotel should look and smell like. No complaints from the kid.  Secure, clean, spacious.  A full breakfast continental spread for these well as a cocktail hour buffet.  Downside, the shuttle does not go to LP Field so I found my own way, as planned.

On the road again.  And it is doing a light rain.  Fortunately, I had a very cheap plastic poncho in the car. Decided to skip parking at the stadium and find my way to InShuttle's pick-up location on Charlotte and 10th Circle North.  Delay, delay, delay.  It's 6 p.m., and I don't have a clue where I am.  Well look a here!  Tennessee State University is within walking distance of the state capitol.  And...the lot is a part of their campus. Easy peasy.  Park and lock.  Pay your $10 and grab a seat.  Only one snafu...I mistook a gentleman as an attendant but he was very gracious and I was ever so apologetic.  Only one on the bus in Redskins getup; no problem.

Discharged right outside of the stadium.  Definitely the way to go.  Got in line.  An elderly gentleman tapped me on the shoulder and told me that this line "is for the men." What on earth is he talking about?  And then I noticed that the women were all in the middle line and the men in the outer ones.  Thanked him and moved to the correct line.  Damn, in Redskin regalia AND in the wrong line.  Each person is searched with the hand wands and women are told to remove the straps from their clutch purse.  Sheesh. Moved quickly and then you have your ticket scanned at the next stop.

GREAT seat! On the 30 yard line, down front, seat 1, behind the Redskins' bench.  I can see them sweat! Oo-oo, RGIII.  Not playing but suited up.  I'm happy.  Until they put Rex Grossman in the game for the second and third quarters.  I swear that man is getting worse with time.  Make him a coach, please, or let him retire.

And who is #5?  I don't have a roster, no program, and the announcer is not calling any Redskin names. Oh, well.  He pulled out a win for the Skins with less than 2 minutes remaining.  Thank you, Jesus.  Learned later that he is Pat White (Leave it to a White to pull it out and make it work.  An inside joke for my White relatives.) and trying to earn a spot.  He can take Grossman's.

A lot of Burgundy and Gold in the place but mighty quiet. I left my seat, at halftime, to get my cigarette break and returned to find that my seat had been appropriated.  "Excuse me." And did the young'un think that he was going to bluff me?  Idiot.  If you're going to move to a better seat, wait until the game has restarted and make sure that the person isn't coming back.  And, for Pete's sake, watch the damned game and stop the inane chatter. 22-21 was the final score.  I didn't have to slink back on the bus.

Back to the hotel with a stop at the Waffle House.  What's this?  Entry door is locked?  Great news.  I can appreciate the extra bit of security.  With a good night's sleep under my belt and a great breakfast, I was ready for the return trip to the Big Rip.

Be Safe. Be Blessed.

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